EGFH Overview

Esports are competitive video games like League of Legends and Overwatch that are designed for head-to-head gameplay, and are broadcasted live to fans all over the world. At the highest level, professional players compete for millions of dollars in sold out stadiums all over the world, and are watched by more than 250 million people and growing.

Professional athletes all start somewhere, and the same is true for esports. We founded EGFH to bring esports to high schools across the country. We work with student organizations and administrators at all levels to develop esports teams across a range of titles.

Get Involved

If you’re a high school administrator, bring esports to your high school! Sign up below and one of our community development team will reach out about esports at your school!

Parent Info

If your student is involved in an EGFH team or event, information will be sent home with your student on events, participation requirements, and educational programs to get involved in. We host open parent forums once per semester to answer questions or you can sign up for the EGFH Parent newsletter below!